31 Dog Days Of Halloween

If I haven’t said it before (and I have), I love love love Halloween. More importantly Tango was the best Halloween-partner-in-crime I could’ve asked for. The absolute best, most loyal, do-anything-for-you type of dog. And by do-anything-for-you I mean that time he patiently posed for a photo shoot for me while I dressed him up in 31 different Halloween costumes; some homemade, some of the Petsmart variety, all adorable and perfectly executed by my model dog. I had used Tango as my “practice” dog for pet photography since he was a puppy. Being in front of the camera seemed very natural for him. He knew how to work his angles. He was fierce!


Tango scared many a trick or treater in his time; body slamming the door when they knocked, lunging at them on the sidewalk, giving them his best rabid Cujo impression if they dared look his way – the usual variety from my cuddly cute reactive dog. For the most part, any Halloween festivities he got to participate in outside the house were adult only costume parties where there would be no children to torment (although, in all honesty, isn’t that the point?). Still, I think Tango loved Halloween like I do because I always made it fun for him. Halloween in this home gets celebrated like a holiday all through October. He got fresh baked pumpkin treats, new toys, all sorts of strange decorations to interact with, and nightly couch snuggles as we settled in for scary movies.

The idea for this photo shoot came after a few different friends asked what was Tango going to be for Halloween. Mind you, I did not make him trot around in costumes in public to be put on display. It simply started one year with a quick towel around his collar for an Instagram post as “Superdog”, and a tradition was born. Over the years friends would send me pics of Pinterest posts of other dogs dressed in fun creative ways. So in 2015 when asked what Tango would be that particular year, I couldn’t decide. Ultimately he got to be something different every day. Technically, he was something different every few minutes for as long as it took me to take each shot. I revealed a new Tango each day of October under his personas on Twitter and Instagram. And for the record, he got loads of treats, kisses, and belly scratches during and after our game of dress-up. Please enjoy this gallery of Tango’s 31 Days of Halloween.

DAY 1 : Devil Dog

Perfectly portrayed on top of the coffee table none the less πŸ‘Ή

DAY 2 : Batdog πŸ¦‡

DAY 3 : Hotdog! 🌭

DAY 4 : Football star 🏈


DAY 5 : The Green Baron

In the nick of time, a hero arose. A funny-looking dog with a big brown nose

DAY 6 : Knight in Shining Armor

Once upon a time… a knight in shining armor named Tango destroyed everything. The end.

DAY 7 : Punk Rock Dog 🎸


DAY 8 : Frankenstein’s Monster’s Horse


DAY 9 : Playboy Bunny 🐰

DAY 10 : Ladybug 🐞

DAY 11 : Ballerina πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ

And one and two and pliΓ©

DAY 12 : Hipster Business Dog

RΓ©sumΓ© includes:

– stealing socks

– watching humans eat

– tackling small children

– counter surfing

Minimum salary requirement: 3,000,000 belly scratches/day

DAY 13 : Baseball Fan ⚾️

We need a belly itcher, not a pitcher.

DAY 14 : Olympic Athlete πŸ₯‡

He can high jump, he can sprint, he can even hurdle.

DAY 15 : Sheriff Tango ⭐️

DAY 16 : Professor Tango πŸ‘¨β€πŸ«

DAY 17 : Hula Tango 🍍


DAY 18 : Movie Star 😎

He’s so famous he’s gotta go incognito

DAY 19 : Count Tangula


DAY 20 : Scuba Dog

DAY 21 : Superdog

It’s a bird, it’s a plans, it’s…

DAY 22 : Frankenstein’s Monster


DAY 23 : Loco Lion 🦁

DAY 24 : Prowler Dog

DAY 25: Nemo

Found him!

DAY 26: Tangosaurus πŸ¦–


DAY 27 : Ghostdog πŸ‘»


DAY 28 : Jaws 🦈

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the shower…

DAY 29 : Hershey’s Kiss

I do love chocolate 🍫

DAY 30 : Elf

Santa’s little helper came early

DAY 31 : Mummy’s Dog

And that’s a wrap!

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  1. scifihammy says:

    What awesome photos of such a lovely dog. πŸ™‚

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