What does life look like here after vacation?

While I sometimes wish we could always travel with our fur crew it’s just not possible with three labs. Road trips and dog friendly hotels aside, not every type of travel works with this bunch. I imagine trying to keep Tango in a sit-stay on a plane while he barks non-stop at the person seated in front of him. Or lunging towards a flight attendant demanding more peanuts! I imagine it for the pure humor of it as it definitely won’t be a reality anytime soon. But just as we take our own trips our trio gets their own vacation at a luxury pet resort Paws and Play where I’m certain they want for nothing. I have to admit we spend a lot of time missing them when we’re gone. The clattering of paws. The warm snuggles. The endless games of fetch. The constant wrestling. They bring our house alive with their boundless energy. Except for that one day when we return. The day of doggy recovery they take to recuperate from their resort life. We all know that feeling: I need a vacation from my vacation.

When we come home there are no endless games of fetch. There are no WWF smackdown wrestling matches. Just sleep. They sleep all day. Whether we pick them up in the afternoon or first thing in the morning, they sleep. It’s peaceful and quiet and comforting. And it’s contagious! I’ve never desired the pure laziness of laying around for a day more than when our entire crazy crew comes home. I could easily take advantage of this day. I could get laundry done without chasing down Whiskey to wrestle a sock from his mouth. I could work on my laptop without Tango plopping his head down on the keyboard and erasing everything I’ve just entered. I could get my revenue statements balanced without Cash pawing at my pencil and trying to eat the eraser. But as the old saying goes laziness loves company…OK, that’s not how it goes. But it should! I could get so much done on this day of their rest. But I’d much rather be part of the pack.

Sometimes I like to think they get so super duper incredibly excited to see us that they simply can’t handle it and pass out from the sheer love they feel when we’re reunited. But the reality most likely (but not necessarily because I’m holding onto the former) is that they’ve enjoyed days and days of playtime and socialization and making new fur friends. And now they need a vacation from their vacation.

Which ever the case may be (it’s probably the first one, right?) I’m more than happy to join them in this day of doing nothing. Plus tomorrow they’ll be back to their antics and there will be no more rest. It’s the calm before the storm. And I’m going to bask in every minute of the calm.

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